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A multi-genre enigma, with soaring vocals, triumphant horns and deep bass grooves that fray the fabric of time & space.


Described as maverick, whimsical and anchored tight, their unique brand of dance music is crafted from gypsy, ska and funk roots, with the salty taste of sea shanties and a good splash of hip-hop and blues.

Captain Will Tait: Rhodes piano, vox.

Steve Turnock: Drums.

Brendan Jones: Trumpet, vox.

Jamie McElhinney: Bass.

Kate Constance: Glockenspiel, percussion, dance, vox.



The good ship 8Foot Felix is crafted with Balkan Beats from a thick slice of New Orleans with a heart that pumps from Mexican Ranchero out into the Roots of the Caribbean.

In May 2011 the 8Foot Felix launched into the bohemian epicentre of Melbourne’s inner north, sparking an immediate recognition from the scene. 18 months of hard sound-sharpening graft later (including an epic tour to Burning Man, San Francisco and Honduras) their local reputation was anchored with a glorious opus gig at Melbourne’s Regal Ballroom (5th Oct 2011) supporting boho stalwarts The Woo Hoo Revue. 

Meanwhile the Felix has found her home on the festival circuit. Rainbow Serpent 2012 proved she could satisfy a party-thirsty crowd, Eclipse 2012 took the story and the stomp to new breadths and depths and their return to Rainbow Serpent in 2013 headlining the Friday night Playground stage was more than epic.


The 8Foot Felix maiden voyage to Europe in 2013 expanded the glory further with big shows on the summer festival circuit, including Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair, Wilderness Festival and side shows in cities all across the mad isle from Brighton to Glasgow.

Intimate settings such as Melbourne’s Open Studio, Penny Black, The Spotted Mallard and the LuWoW also continue to play a crucial part in the mix, allowing the band to bring their dancing and theatricality into the heart of the crowd.

In 2015, the crew recorded their first album, MAD ISLE. It was finely tuned, mixed and mastered, then finally released to a packed Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne in May 2016. Touring followed and so far this album has been a portal for the 8Foot Felix, transporting us up the coast to Far North Queensland and down to Tasmania, visiting a wide variety of festivals, from Electronic to Folk. 

So far in 2017 the band have kept dancefloors aglow at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Illawarra Folk, Port Fairy Folk, and are just about to head off on a trip across the sea to New Zealand.

Captain Tait tells some of the 8Foot Felix story.


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